Phase 3 - taking the lambeth calls forward and involving the communion

Anglican Identity

The Lambeth Call on the Anglican Identity is open to all.

Over the next few months, we'll gather together resources and discussions dedicated to exploring key themes, such as what it means to be an Anglican, how Anglicans use scripture what it means to be in communion through mission.

Anglican Voices:

Reflections on what does it mean to be Anglican in 2023/24?

Webinar Guest Profile – Tariro Matsveru

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Being Anglican: The Lambeth Calls encourage exchanges between Anglican communities worldwide. How the United Dioceses of Dublin and Glendalough are exploring the Lambeth Calls.

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“Companion Links Foster a Deep Appreciation of our Diversity”

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Adding our voices to the Lambeth Calls – How Anglican schools and young people in Western Australia are exploring the Lambeth Calls

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Communion and Contestation Robert S. Heaney shares a thought on finding God and each other amidst disagreement.

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Hospitality should be our Christian distinctive: The Secretary General on Communion Life

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Anglican Identity set to be the next theme in Lambeth Call discussion series

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More resources will be made available to attendees in the run up to the webinar.



Share Your Story – A Message from Bishop Jo

At each phase of the Journey, you are invited to share what the Lambeth Call looks like for you in your context.

You might choose to share a prayer, a photo, a short testimony or story, information about one of your projects.

Bishop Jo Bailey Wells, Bishop for Episcopal Ministry in the Anglican Communion.

open to all:
the Phase 3 webinars