Anglican Identity set to be the next theme in Lambeth Call discussion series

The Lambeth Call on Anglican Identity will be the next theme in the ‘Add Your Voice to the Call” discussion series. Launched in May 2023, the series is part of Phase 3 of the Lambeth Conference, which is exploring each of the Lambeth Calls, inviting churches to take them forward in their settings.

The Lambeth Calls were discussed by the bishops of the Lambeth Conference in 2022. They relate to themes in church and world affairs, including Mission and Evangelism, Discipleship, the Environment, Safe Church, Anglican Identity, Christian Unity, Inter-Faith Relations, Reconciliation, Science and Faith and Human Dignity.

So far, the Lambeth Calls on Discipleship and the Environment and Sustainable Development have featured in the Phase 3 series.

Scheduled for February 2024, the Lambeth Call on Anglican Identity will be explored with a webinar, featuring Anglican guests from around the world. The webinar will explore topics like: What it means to be Anglican; how Anglicans use scripture; perspectives on being ‘in communion’; how Anglicans are involved in mission around the world and how Anglicans can dialogue well. Registration for the webinar is open to all.

Bishop Anthony Poggo, The Secretary General of the Anglican Communion said: “The Anglican Communion is in 165 countries. Being in Communion with other Anglican churches around the world enriches our faith. Together, we can pray for the needs of our world, be partners in sharing the gospel and advocates for justice and peace. I hope that many Anglicans will join the webinar in February, as we explore ‘Being Anglican and the Lambeth Call on Anglican Identity’.”

February 2024 will also see the Anglican Communion Office host an additional meeting for bishops that wish to set up a Companion Link, which are partnerships between two dioceses in different provinces, for the purposes of prayer, community, and mission. The meeting will offer more information and guidance on how Dioceses can establish a link. Bishops will be contacted with information about this meeting.

As with previous themes several supporting resources will be made available, for churches that wish to study the Lambeth Calls, including blog articles, Bible study materials and information sheets on each theme.

To date, churches around the Anglican Communion have been discussing the Lambeth Calls in different ways, including church Bible study groups, youth groups and House of Bishop meetings.

Supporting Information

To book your place for the Webinar “Being Anglican – Exploring the Lambeth Call on Anglican Identity” – visit our registration page here.

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