Lambeth Conference Resources Guide

A new Resources Guide is now available, from the Lambeth Conference team

The 15th Lambeth Conference took part in July - August 2022. A gathering of Anglican bishops and spouses, the theme of the conference was: 'God's Church for God's World - Walking, Listening and Witnessing Together'.

Download the guide now for resources from the conference - and the pre-event listening phase.

Throughout the Resources Guide, there are links to take you to films on the conference web site and social media channels, as well as other documents and information.

From the pre-conference ‘Listening Together’ phase, find resources which include:
  • Prayers of Hope for the World – shared by bishops around the world.
  • A series of filmed discussions on Science and Faith, hosted by The Archbishop of Canterbury. 
  • Films and interviews with bishops from around the Anglican Communion on a range of topics including mission, discipleship and environmental care.
  • Films from the ‘Ministry in a Conflicted World’ series, about peacebuilding and reconciliation.
  • From the Conference in Canterbury, find resources which include:
    • Bible Expositions with The Archbishop of Canterbury and speakers from around the Anglican Communion
    • Bible study materials.
    • Plenary addresses
    • Keynote addresses by The Archbishop of Canterbury
    • Spouses’ strengthening sessions.
    • Footage of the opening and closing services at Canterbury Cathedral.

    Contributors to content featured in this guide are listed with the titles/roles they had at the time of the Lambeth Conference in 2022.

    open to all:
    the Phase 3 webinars