Meet the team

The Phase 3 Steering Group

To support the Phase 3 journey, The Archbishop of Canterbury has appointed a Steering Group chaired by Archbishop Julio Murray Thompson (IARCA).

The Steering Group will design the Phase 3 programme as it progresses, and encourage bishops to continue to meet in the Bible Study Groups they were in at the Lambeth Conference.

The members are:

  • The Rt Rev Julio Murray, Iglesia Anglicana de la Region Cetral de America
  • Caroline Bauerschmidt, The Episcopal Church
  • The Most Rev Kay Goldsworthy, The Anglican Church of Australia
  • The Rt Rev Danald Jute, Church of the Province of South East Asia
  • The Rt Rev Dr Vicentia Kgabe, The Anglican Church of Southern Africa
  • The Rt Rev Jorge Pina-Cabral, The Lusitanian Church
  • The Rt Rev Dr Paul Swarup, The Church of North India

Resource Consultants:

  • The Rev Canon Dr Justin Holcomb, The Episcopal Church
  • The Rev Steve Muneza, The Anglican Church of Burundi

open to all:
the Phase 3 webinars