Anglicans can spark a movement of positive change – Bishop Vicentia Kgabe reflects on the Lambeth Call on the Environment and Sustainable Development

September 20, 2023 in News

As I continue to reflect on Lambeths Call on the Environment, I am drawn first to the words of scripture found in the book of Genesis 1: 31 – the creation story. The phrase “behold it is good” was repeated at the end of each day of creation. This was not just an ordinary half- hearted good, it was an exceedingly good. This tells us that we have inherited and exist in an environment whose foundation was pure goodness – God’s goodness. The goodness that was to be experienced by all irrespective of where they live or how many resources they have or can access.

For a while now as a church, as a community and in the world, we have faced the climate change consequences that are outcomes of decisions and actions that are not good. People and the planet are at greater risk of environmental degradation, and action is required, and it is required immediately. As I write this in my home in Lesotho the issues of climate are real, for an example yesterday temperature hovered around 25 degrees Celsius = 86F and today we woke up with snow in the mountains and the temperature hovers around -2 and 9 degrees Celsius = 28 – 48F.

All of us are affected one way or the other, and all of us have to be part of the solution. And we do so where are located, to be advocates of care for the environment, and to partner with others who are making a good and positive difference.

We must take responsibility for the care and preservation of our planet in a sustainable manner. We must act immediately for the betterment of all life forms, including future generations. By uniting our passion and dedication for this world. We Anglicans have it in us to spark a movement of positive change. Let us come together and make it happen.

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The Right Reverend Dr Vicentia Kgabe, Bishop of Lesotho.

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