Webinar Guest Profile – Tariro Matsveru

Tariro Matsveru is an Anglican priest in Birmingham. She will be one of the guests on the discussion panel for the webinar: Being Anglican – Exploring the Lambeth Call on Anglican Identity. The Lambeth Conference spoke with Tariro about what Being Anglican means to her.

Where are you based and what is your place of worship?

I’m in the Diocese of Birmingham and am based at All Saints Church, Kings Heath.
What is your vocation and how are you connected to the Anglican Communion?

I grew up in Zimbabwe in the Anglican church and am now ordained and serving as a priest

What does Being Anglican mean to you? What are some of the characteristics you feel are important to being Anglican?

Being Anglican to me is a way of life. It’s about belonging to a global family of Christians departed, living and yet to be. It is affirming our shared belief in the Triune God, expressed in the sacraments other than the common ones of baptism and holy communion.

Can you share a short reflection on what it means to be in Communion and what inspires you about being part of a global family of Anglicans?

As someone who grew up in the Anglican church in Zimbabwe and now serves as a priest in the Church of England I value the diversity of cultures, languages and worship styles. I am encouraged that whatever time of day I pray, I’m joining a community of saints praying in a different time zone.

Supporting Information:

  • This article is part of our wider ‘Being Anglican’ series, where Anglicans from around the world share what the Lambeth Call on Anglican Identity means to them, and how this theme supports the life of the Anglican Communion. Find the ‘Being Anglican’ reflections shared so far here.
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