Phase 3 - taking the lambeth calls forward and involving the communion

How can you get involved?

Launching from Pentecost, in May 2023, a timetable of ‘Share The Call’ webinars will begin, exploring each of the Lambeth Call themes. Between each webinar, you are invited to run your own ‘Respond to the Call’ group discussions in your community.



1. Sets the Call

Join a quarterly ‘Share the Call’ webinar. Each webinar will explore a Lambeth Call theme.
A series of webinars are planned.
Hosted by the Lambeth Conference team, each webinar will feature:

  • Teaching reflection on the Call theme
  • Contributions from special guests, including members of the Call drafting groups
  • The sharing of Bible study and learning materials that groups can use in their settings


Group meetings

2. Responding to the Call

In the days and weeks after the webinar, you are invited to meet in groups to discuss the Call theme and what it means in your setting. 

The aim is that the Lambeth Calls can be explored by churches and communities around the world. These might include:

  • Bishop Bible Study Groups
  • Spouses’ Network Groups
  • Companion Links
  • Anglican Communion Networks
  • Anglican Communion Commissions • Church and Community Groups



3. Call and Response

Join the next webinar in the series, which will celebrate and share stories from the first set of Lambeth Call discussions.

The webinar will also introduce the next Lambeth Call theme, which will include:

  • Stories and insights from Call theme from the previous webinar
  • Teaching and reflection on the Call theme
  • Contributions from special guests
  • Next set of Bible study and learning materials released

open to all:
the Phase 3 webinars