Phase 3 - taking the lambeth calls forward and involving the communion

Anglican Networks and Commissions

Anglican Networks and Commissions are invited to explore the Lambeth Calls.

Phase 3 of the Lambeth Conference Journey will also signpost to important projects and resources being undertaken by Anglican Networks and Commissions around the world. For example:

  • The Communion Forest: Launched at the conference, the Communion Forest is a global initiative comprising local activities of forest protection, tree growing and eco-system restoration.
  • Safe Church: At the Lambeth Conference, the Safe Church Commission (SCC) shared Guidelines to enhance the safety of all persons, and will be progressed across the Anglican Communion.
  • The Anglican Communion Science Commission (ACSC): Being informed by science, collaborating with the scientific community and bringing the ethical voice of faith to scientific debate will be a major part of the Church’s mission in a world increasingly shaped by science and technology. The ACSC will play a key role in equipping churches to collaborate with the world of science in response to human need.

open to all:
the Phase 3 webinars