“Companion Links Foster a Deep Appreciation of our Diversity”

Companion Links are supportive relationships organised between dioceses for the purposes of prayer, fellowship, and partnership in mission. Many dioceses around the Anglican Communion are in a Companion Link – often with a diocese a different country.

The Reverend Rana Khan is the Bishop’s Advisor for World Mission in the Diocese of Swansea and Brecon, Church in Wales. In 2022, he received the Lambeth Award for his service to the Anglican Communion and inter faith dialogue. He spoke to the Lambeth Conference team about the benefits of Companion Links between dioceses of the Anglican Communion.

Why are Companion Links important?

Companion links in the Anglican Communion offer opportunities for mutual growth, collaboration, and support. They are crucial in promoting unity, addressing common challenges, and fostering a global sense of community within the Anglican Communion.

Why would you encourage Dioceses to explore Companion links?

Solidarity and Support: The Anglican Communion is a global family, and companion links foster a sense of solidarity and support among its members. In times of crisis or need, knowing that other dioceses stand with you provides comfort and assistance.

Unity in Diversity: The Anglican Communion represents diverse cultures, contexts, and challenges. Companion links help bridge these diversities and promote unity amid differences, reflecting the global nature of the Church.

Missional Collaboration: Collaborative mission and ministry efforts through companion links can have a more significant impact, addressing social, economic, and spiritual challenges more effectively.

Theological Dialogue: Companion links can facilitate respectful and constructive theological dialogue, helping address the theological challenges facing the Communion and promoting understanding and unity.

Cultural Enrichment: These links enrich the cultural and spiritual experiences of Anglicans globally, fostering a deeper appreciation of the Communion’s rich diversity.

Bishops’ Meeting on Companion Links

At the Lambeth Conference, many bishops expressed an interest in setting up a Companion Link – a partnership with another Diocese for the purposes of prayer, community and mission. In February 2024, the Anglican Communion Office team will be hosting an online meeting for bishops about Companion Links. More information can be found here.

Supporting Information:

  • Revd Rana Khan was born and raised in Vehari, a small town in Southern Punjab, Pakistan, and trained for the priesthood in Karachi. He worked for 10 years in the Diocese of Lahore in both urban and rural parishes. He was invited by then-Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, to join the team at Lambeth Palace and moved, with his family, to the UK. In 2022 he received the Lambeth Award for his support of and service to the Anglican Communion and interfaith dialogue.
  • This article is part of our wider ‘Being Anglican’ series, where Anglicans from around the world share what the Lambeth Call on Anglican Identity means to them, and how this theme supports the life of the Anglican Communion. Find the ‘Being Anglican’ reflections shared so far here.
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