Phase 1 took place from 2021 to 2022 as the bishops prepared for the in-person conference

Ministry in a Conflicted World

The Lambeth Conference is all about exploring what it means to be 'God's Church for God's World. As part of the journey towards the Lambeth Conference, bishops have been taking part in a series of discussions online, called ‘Ministry in a Conflicted World’.

A formational leadership series for bishops, it offered theological and practical input on three habits that can shape ministry and leadership in a divided and complex world.

Running between February – April 2022, the series explored what it meant to ‘be present’, ‘be curious’ and to ‘reimagine’.

Watch the films for this series, which feature contributions from people around the world involved in reconciliation ministry and peacebuilding.

The series is brought to you by the Lambeth Conference Company in partnership with Difference, part of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Reconciliation Ministry.

Session 1: Be Present

Exploring a theology of incarnation and lament, this session looks at what it means to be ‘present’ in ministry with those who are suffering, marginalised or disagree with us.

Session 2: Be Curious

Exploring a theology of encounter, this session looks at what it means to minister across divides, with a curiosity that seeks to enable fractures to be healed.

Session 3: Reimagine

Exploring a theology of hope and reconciliation as mission, this session examines what it means to enable churches to reimagine and bring transformation.

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