Phase 1 took place from 2021 to 2022 as the bishops prepared for the in-person conference

The Bishop’s Conversations

During Phase 1, Bishops took part in a programme of online ‘Bishops’ Conversations’.

Bishops started to explore themes relevant to the conference, study 1 Peter, pray and share ministry experiences. The sessions also helped to shape the conference programme planning.

Each month a new film was released in support of each theme, featuring bishops from different provinces sharing relevant thoughts and ministry experiences.

The Bishops’ Conversations were open to all active bishops in the Anglican Communion and met from June – December 2021. Spouses also met for an online series of ‘Global Conversations’ during this period.

Bishops’ Conversations monthly themes included:

  • An introduction from the Working Group (June – July 2021)
  • Proclaiming Good News (August 2021)
  • Discipleship (September 2021)
  • Being Salt and Light (October 2021)
  • Environment (November 2021)
  • Leadership (December 2021)

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