Being Anglican: Exploring the Lambeth Call on Anglican Identity
Phase 3 of the Lambeth Conference continues

The next theme in the Lambeth Call series is Anglican Identity. Register now for the next webinar which will explore: 

  • What does it mean to be Anglican?
  • How do Anglicans use scripture?
  • How are we in communion through mission?
  • How can we share life together through Companion links with other dioceses?

This webinar is open to all. It’s for bishops and spouses that attended the Lambeth Conference in 2022 and wider church groups that want to take the Lambeth Call forward in their setting.


Phase 3 of The Lambeth Conference

Phase 3 is about offering the Lambeth Calls to churches around the world, inviting them to hear each call, add their voice, give them expression and bring them to life in their setting.

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Add your voice to the call is an invitation to explore, discuss and consider what each Call might mean in your setting.

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The Phase 3 journey will combine webinars and group discussions, enabling churches around the world to explore each of the Lambeth Call themes and consider how they might be applied in their setting...

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