The Archbishop of Canterbury has shared a message looking ahead to the Lambeth Conference in 2022

The Archbishop of Canterbury has shared a message looking ahead to the Lambeth Conference in 2022.

The filmed message was recorded at Lambeth Palace and addresses the conference community of bishops and spouses attending the conference.

In the message, The Archbishop of Canterbury covers a few themes, including his hopeful anticipation for the conference and the focus of the event in discussing what it means to be ‘God’s Church for God’s World.’

‘As we start a new year… my heart is full with hopeful anticipation of meeting together for the fifteenth Lambeth Conference in July-August 2022….

‘It will be a time of community as we meet our sisters and brothers from around the globe. It will be a time of breaking bread and celebration as we offer hospitality to one another. It will be a time for prayer, for Bible Study and worship as we listen to God. And it will be a time to have important conversations about issues facing the church and the world.

‘That’s why I am convinced – more than ever – that our conference theme exploring what it means to be “God’s Church for God’s World” is vitally important.

‘Around the globe, many people are experiencing great suffering. We have only to look at our news screens for a second, to see situations of injustice and inequality.

‘Our conversations at the Lambeth Conference will happen in a world grappling with huge challenges. The Climate Crisis. The Pandemic; racial inequality; conflict and mass migration; rapid scientific and technological change… And in the life of the Anglican Communion, there are a wide range of issues and questions that we must address.

When we meet, we must ask God :…“What will mission and our work for social justice and for the church need to look like in our 21st Century world? …..How can the Anglican Communion share the task of transformation in the name of Jesus Christ?”

The Archbishop’s message also shares an encouragement for bishops to join the ‘Ministry in a Conflicted World’ series, which the Lambeth Conference team are running in partnership with Difference (part of the Archbishop’s reconciliation ministry). The series is part of the listening phase of the Lambeth Conference designed to help bishops around the world meet and prepare for the conference in July. Sessions will run in February, March and April 2022.

The online series will provide input from theologians and practitioners whose ministry has been informed in particularly complex situations.

“Bishops – and in many places their spouses too – are often ministering in situations facing great challenge.

They may be based near a war zone; dealing with the reality of rising tides due to climate change; or living in a hugely divided and polarised society.

The new discussion series will look to the model of Christ and explore habits of leadership that equip us for ministry in such situations.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury also shares a message about a new programme of hospitality that will run at the University of Kent – in place of the original hospitality programme called the Big Hello. This will now invite delegates to travel direct to Canterbury on an earlier arrival date of 26th July 2022.

For more details about travel to the Lambeth Conference and the new hospitality programme for the Lambeth Conference visit the Lambeth Conference web site:

Find out about travel here.

Find out about the new hospitality programme here.

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