The Lambeth Conference in 2022 is being planned for the British summer of 2022.

2022 is the year of the fifteenth Lambeth Conference. We are looking forward to this important event, gathering Anglican bishops from the Anglican Communion together for prayer, Bible study, fellowship and dialogue on church and world affairs.

The event will be held in the venues of the University of Kent in Canterbury and Canterbury Cathedral, with one day at Lambeth Palace in London. Some parts of the event programme will also be made available online. Every effort is being made to support the participation of all our delegates.

An important update about travel planning and the hospitality programme for the Lambeth Conference

Planning for the event – inviting you to update your registration with the team

With the conference now only months away, we know that our conference delegates will need to start making travel plans and/or visa applications to attend the event. It’s important there is enough time ahead of the event for visa applications to be processed.

At the same time, the conference planning teams have several logistical and operational considerations that will be shaped by the travel and attendance intentions of our delegates (the Lambeth Conference team is responsible for booking flights for bursary funded bishops and spouses; coach transfers from London airports to the conference venue, and accommodation requirements. Provisions must also be made for those who might need to access the event online if travel or health challenges make it impossible to attend in person).

For these reasons, we are requesting that bishops and spouses who are registered for the Lambeth Conference in July – August 2022, update their event registration to advise us of their travel plans at this stage.

Supporting your preparations to take part in the conference

Planning an international event during a pandemic presents several ongoing uncertainties and difficulties for all involved. We recognise that countries around the world are at different phases in the pandemic. Many still face challenges in access to vaccines, changing travel restrictions or quarantine requirements.

We are also mindful that whilst many bishops have expressed a strong desire to attend the Lambeth Conference in-person, there are others that may feel cautious about travelling or taking part in a big event.

In the months ahead, the pandemic will continue to impact all our lives – but it remains our hope and prayer that we will be able to welcome as many delegates as possible from the Anglican Communion for an in-person event in Canterbury.

We would like to assure all our delegates that as you update your registration with us, the conference planners will do all that we can to support your travel planning.

Making your travel plans

Delegates should always refer to the latest travel advice from the UK government and testing requirements for arrival in the UK – which is regularly updated and can change. The government’s advice provides guidance on approved vaccines for entry; COVID-19 testing requirements and any quarantine guidance. At the time of writing, there are currently no countries or territories on the red list for travel to England. But delegates must check the guidelines as they prepare to travel. Visit the Government guidance here.

Minimising health risks during your visit

The conference planning teams are taking steps to minimise health risks to our delegates as far as possible. We are working with the UK Health and Security Agency, plus event teams at the University of Kent, Canterbury Cathedral and Lambeth Palace, so that all venues used in the conference follow relevant health protocols.

The Hospitality Programme (the Big Hello) is discontinued

A decision has been taken to discontinue plans to run the official hospitality programme (also known as the Big Hello) in its current form. This programme would have seen delegates being hosted in different dioceses around the UK for a week or so before they attended the full conference in Canterbury.

As we take steps to minimise any infection and illness risks, we are making a strong recommendation that conference attendees make new plans to travel direct to the University of Kent in Canterbury on entry to the UK.

A shorter ‘Welcome to Canterbury’ programme will be run at the University of Kent instead.

‘Welcome to Canterbury’ – a new hospitality programme at the University of Kent

With delegates arriving on the earlier date of Tuesday 26th July, the Lambeth Conference will be delivering a new welcome and registration programme that enables delegates get settled; start to meet with others and have time and space for rest, relaxation and prayer leading into the pre-conference retreat days.

As far as possible, all delegates are invited to attend from this earlier arrival date of the 26th as an important part of event preparations.

Delegates will be able to enjoy the various catering and recreational facilities the University has to offer. A light programme of activities and entertainment will be running.

Coach transfers from London airports

To support people get to the University of Kent for the new ‘Welcome to Canterbury’ programme, the Lambeth Conference Company will be arranging coach transfers from London airports to the University of Kent on 26 July. Coaches will also run on 27 July for those that cannot attend earlier – although we strongly encourage all delegates to attend the extended welcome programme as far as possible.

How to confirm your registration

To update your registration with the Lambeth Conference team, delegates will be asked to login to the event registration system online. Information will be emailed to you by our event registration team.

You will be asked to update information about your travel plans and arrival date at the University of Kent (conference venue) and to review your medical information.

We strongly encourage all who are able to attend the conference in person. However, you can indicate whether you may need to attend online if you think travel or health challenges will make it impossible to be there in person. The form and information there will tell you all that you need to do. 

Planning your travel – visas and bursaries

Travel and entry requirements to the UK are regularly updated on the UK government’s web site. To read the latest advice, visit the government web site here.

Visas: If you require a visa for entry into the UK, you will be able to apply three months before your arrival date. Your passport will need to be valid for six months after the end of your stay in the UK. We encourage you to renew your passport now in readiness for your visa application.

Bursaries: If you are receiving a Lambeth Conference bursary to cover your flight costs to the UK, please make sure you advise our conference team of your passport number and expiry date. 

Planning your travel – vaccinations

We strongly encourage all delegates taking part in the Lambeth Conference to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and plan any other relevant medication for their trip.

We are committed to doing all we can to support those delegates who wish to attend the conference in person to do so. In order to help with our planning we are inviting delegates to update their registration information to advise us of their vaccine status, current bursary requirements and likely travel plans.

This is not mandatory, but it will help us to plan in these challenging times and to provide the best possible advice to our delegates on travel and entry requirements. Your vaccine status will not be used for any other purposes without your prior consent.

Delegates will be sent a link to their registration form in the days ahead through an email from the conference team.

Please note that any information that you share with us will be considered as sensitive and private and will be stored securely. Please contact the Lambeth Conference at to change your responses at any point.

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