Hospitality Programme

A hospitality and welcome programme for the Lambeth Conference at Canterbury

The Lambeth Conference is providing a new welcome, registration and hospitality programme that enables delegates get settled; start to meet with others and have time and space for rest, relaxation and prayer leading into the conference retreat days.

Delegates will be able to enjoy the various catering and recreational facilities the University has to offer. A light programme of activities and entertainment will be running. As far as possible, all delegates are asked to arrive on this earlier date of the 26th July in order to take part in these important pre-event preparations.

Dates to note

  • 26th July 2022 – Arrivals and registration for the ‘Welcome to Canterbury Programme’– this is a new arrival date than originally advertised and will operate in place of the Big Hello. 
  • 27-29th July 2022 – Registration followed by a new hospitality programme, which will incorporate elements of relaxation, gathering informally, and an organised retreat with spiritual preparation at Canterbury Cathedral. 
  • Following this, the programme continues and ends on the evening of 7 August 2022
  • 8 August 2022 – Departures.