Lambeth Conference travel update

Emails are being sent this week to conference delegates inviting them to make travel plans and/or visa applications to attend the event. It’s important there is enough time ahead of the event for flights to be booked and visa applications to be processed.

The Lambeth Conference team is responsible for booking flights for bursary-funded bishops and spouses, as well as coach transfers from London airports to the conference venue on arrival days and accommodation requirements for all delegates. Provision must also be made for those who might need to access the event online if travel or health challenges make it impossible to attend in person.

A Welcome to Canterbury programme will run at the University of Kent instead of the Big Hello (the hospitality programme) which was originally planned. The new arrivals date is 26th July, this is an earlier arrival date than originally advertised.

The Lambeth Conference team is continuing to monitor the ongoing situation of the Covid-19 pandemic and we are working to develop the necessary safety guidelines and protocols. We will be updating our website regularly with the latest information as we move towards the Conference.

The email will contain a link so that delegates can access their conference registration and to advise us of your updated travel plans.

We are asking delegates to complete their Stage 2 registration by Friday 11th March 2022.

For more information

Guidance on travel to the Lambeth Conference can be found on our Delegate Information page here.
Guidance on the new ‘Welcome to Canterbury’ programme can be found here.

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