The Secretary General of the Anglican Communion updates the Lambeth Conference Community on plans for Phase 3

Bishop Anthony Poggo, the Secretary General of the Anglican Communion, has updated the Lambeth Conference community on Phase 3 of the conference journey.

In a letter sent to bishops this week, Bishop Anthony has outlined more about the Phase 3 Group that has been established to support the process.

The group is tasked with strengthening fellowship from the conference and progressing Lambeth Calls. It will start to meet towards the end of this year, with regular updates planned as the work progresses.

The Right Revd Julio Murray, the Bishop of Panama, will be the Chair of the group. The Right Revd Jo Bailey Wells will also support this work, as she takes up the role of Bishop for Episcopal Ministry in the Anglican Communion in January 2023.

Other members of the group will include Archbishop Kay Goldsworthy (Perth), Bishop Jorge Cabral (Lusitanian Church of Portugal), Bishop Danald Jute (Kuching), Bishop Vicentia Kgabe (Lesotho), Bishop Paul Swarup (Delhi), Bishop Anthony Poggo (Secretary to the Group), and a representative from the Spouses’ Planning Group.

Implementation work in Phase 3 will be supported through more online bishops’ conversations, which can provide a space for prayer, conversation, and peer support.

In 2023, the Anglican Communion Office will be growing a team of facilitators to help coordinate and support more meetings of this nature.

Alongside this, they plan to offer a light programme of Phase 3 Webinars to communicate important information about the Lambeth Calls and share resources along the way.

Since the Lambeth Conference, feedback shared by bishops on the Lambeth Calls has been taken back to the Lambeth Call drafting groups. This will result in an updated set of Lambeth Calls. It’s anticipated that these will be shared in 2023, once the Phase 3 group has started to meet.

Bishop Anthony said:

In the 12 days of the Lambeth Conference, so much happened. Bishops explored important themes in church and world affairs, through the Lambeth Calls. The priority of building a ‘safe church’ and safeguarding was shared by the Safe Church Commission.


A new environmental initiative called ‘The Communion Forest’ was launched. The Anglican Communion Science Commission held its first meeting. New Companion Link commitments were made, connecting bishops and dioceses around the world. Bishops and spouses met for daily prayer, Bible study and learning from one another.


Our prayer for Phase 3 is that important initiatives like these and many others, can be taken forward by Anglican churches in their communities around the world.

Bishop Anthony

open to all:
the Phase 3 webinars