Bishops’ Conversations – Bursary Fund Available

The Lambeth Conference Company has set up a small technology and travel bursary fund to support participation in Bishops’ Conversations

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Virtual meeting platforms like Zoom have seen a greater rate of adoption in the Anglican Communion than before pre-pandemic times, creating more opportunities for fellowship and connection.

In July 2021, a series of virtual/online Bishops’ Conversations are being planned by the Lambeth Conference Company. Running between July – December 2021, the sessions will help bishops tune in to conference themes and shape the conference programme before it meets in person in 2022.

The sessions are available to all bishops in the Anglican Communion. Registrations have been coming in well since the sessions were announced and it is hoped that as many bishops as possible will register for these important sessions.

However, in some parts of the world, some bishops are living in areas where Internet connectivity can be unreliable, or data costs are prohibitively high. This may present a barrier to participation in Bishops’ Conversations.

The Lambeth Conference Company is therefore providing small bursaries to support bishops in areas where this Internet/technology accessibility may be a challenge. Bursaries might be able to support with:

  • Transporting bishops to an urban centre or church office where Internet access is more reliable.
  • Covering data bundles or airtime for the six two-hour sessions.

Other essential requests in order for Bishops to participate in the conversations, may be considered.

Phil George, the CEO of the Lambeth Conference Company said: ‘The Anglican Communion is a diverse global family. Bishops’ Conversations in 2021 will be a wonderful opportunity to start to meet with our brothers and sisters from around the world and discuss hopes for the Lambeth Conference in 2022. We want to do all that we can to help bishops share their voice in these sessions. Whilst we can’t solve every technical need, our hope is that this small bursary fund will play a part in addressing some of the technological barriers to participation.’

Bishops wishing to apply for a bursary should write to the Lambeth Conference Company for application details.

Applications can be submitted to the Lambeth Conference Company, with the signature of the relevant Provincial Secretary. The Secretary General of the Anglican Communion will oversee all requests. Email:

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