The Lambeth Conference Design Group have launched a prayer journey for the fifteenth Lambeth Conference

The Lambeth Conference Design Group have launched a prayer journey for the fifteenth Lambeth Conference. The prayer journey was launched with members of the Community of Saint Anselm. The Community of Saint Anselm is an Anglican religious order of young people, devoted to prayer, study and service to the poor. It is based at Lambeth Palace in London, the home of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Design Group called for the journey of prayer during a week of planning for the conference in 20-22 November 2019, which saw the team visiting the Anglican Communion Office, the conference venue sites in Kent and Canterbury, and Lambeth Palace.  Archbishop Thabo Makgoba of Cape Town is Chair of the conference Design Group.

Held once-a-decade, the Lambeth Conference is a significant occasion in the life of the Anglican Communion. Gathering bishops and spouses from across the globe, the 2020 conference will be an opportunity for international Anglican leaders to pray, study the Bible together, learn from one another’s ministry settings and dialogue on world and church issues.

Archbishop Makgoba shared his excitement for the Journey of Prayer:

‘The conference theme is about exploring what it means to be ‘God’s Church for God’s World’ in the 21st Century. It’s about grappling with the church and world issues of today and tomorrow. A big part of that is about future generations and the role that they will play in the life of the Anglican Communion in the decades ahead. So it’s fitting that the Journey of Prayer has been launched with young people today. We hope that people of all ages will join us in praying for this important conference.’

Simon Lewis from the Community of St Anselm (COSA) said:

‘At the Community of Saint Anselm, we are committed to praying for the life of the Church and our Christian brothers and sisters throughout the world. As Anglican bishops and spouses prepare for the Lambeth Conference in 2020, we hope that they will know the support and encouragement of our praying community. May God inspire and envision them with his purposes for this important global event.’

The Lambeth Conference will see bishops and spouses attending that represent the Anglican Communion in over 165 countries worldwide. It is hoped that the prayer journey will be an opportunity for Christians and churches in the Anglican Communion and also from wider church traditions to support and share in the Journey of Prayer for the Lambeth Conference.

The Secretary General of the Anglican Communion – Archbishop Josiah Idowu Fearon said:

‘The Anglican Communion is a diverse Christian movement. With over 165 countries worldwide representing millions of Christians, we hope that the prayer journey will be an opportunity to reflect prayers and hopes from around the communion.

We have an important opportunity for bishops of the Anglican Communion to consider what it means to live out Gospel hope and tackle issues of injustice, conflict and difficult in our 21st Century World. Our prayer is that our Christian brothers and sisters in the Anglican Communion and wider church family will join us in praying for this significant moment.’

Mrs Caroline Welby also shared her hopes for the Lambeth Conference:

We are really looking forward to the Lambeth Conference, which will bring a unique opportunity for Bishops and spouses together to listen, learn, share, pray and grow together across so many cultures, languages and traditions. Joining together in a Journey of Prayer in the run up to the Conference is an essential part of our preparation not least as we seek to ensure that our time together is fruitful for the world, for the church and for ourselves.

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The journey also invites people to send in prayers, which will be displayed on a prayer wall to encourage those attending the conference.

Some of these will also be featured on the Lambeth Conference web site between now and the event.

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