Phase 3 of the Lambeth Conference will launch in May 2023 and invite church communities to ‘Add Your Voice to the Call’

A new steering group appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury has announced that Phase 3 of the Lambeth Conference Journey will launch in late May 2023.

The aim of Phase 3 of the Lambeth Conference journey will be to take forwards the Lambeth Calls discussed in Canterbury in 2022 (and other initiatives from the conference), into the life of the Anglican Communion.

The Phase 3 journey will invite bishops and spouses that met at the conference, to explore the Lambeth Calls in their settings, and will also invite wider church communities to get involved.

The Phase 3 journey will feature seasonal webinars organised by the Lambeth Conference team, to look at each of the Lambeth Calls in turn. In-between, churches and communities will be encouraged to meet for their own group discussions, on each of the Lambeth Call themes.

Phase 3 webinars will feature contributions from special guests, including members of the Call drafting groups. Reflection and Bible Study materials will also be made available for groups to use in their settings.

There is no obligation for groups to discuss the Lambeth Calls in any order, but the Phase 3 journey is being offered as a way of supporting and resourcing churches if they opt to do so.

Following the webinars, the updated Lambeth Calls (which have incorporated feedback from the bishops during the Lambeth Conference) will be published in late May, as part of the Phase 3 launch.

The Lambeth Calls cover a range of important themes in church and world affairs including: Discipleship, The Environment and Sustainable Development, Anglican Identity, Safe Church, Science and Faith, Human Dignity, Christian Unity, Mission and Evangelism, Inter Faith and Reconciliation.

Archbishop Julio Murray, who is the Chair of the Steering Group has written to bishops and spouses that attended the Lambeth Conference in Canterbury, to invite their participation. He shares his support for Phase 3 and said:

“Friends, we have some important work to carry forwards into the life of the Anglican Communion. The Lambeth Calls address important matters in church and world affairs. The Lambeth Conference also discussed some important initiatives like the Communion Forest, the Anglican Communion Science Commission, and the work of the Safe Church Commission.

The Lambeth Calls are not intended as resolutions or ‘orders’ to be imposed. They are being offered as calls or invitations, that can be explored together, in a way that strengthens our life as an Anglican Communion. Our prayer for Phase 3 is that you will all ‘Add Your Voice to the Call’, involve your churches and share your stories, as we discern how God is calling us to walk, listen and witness together.”

Phase 3 launch webinars are being scheduled for May 24 and May 25. Those that attended the Lambeth Conference – and wider church audiences – are welcome to register.

Read more about Phase 3 here.

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