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In a message filmed recently in Canterbury, The Archbishop of Canterbury has shared his hopes for a new process of ‘Lambeth Calls’ that will be an important feature of this year’s Lambeth Conference.

The term ‘Lambeth Calls’ is being used for the bishops’ discussions at the conference, and papers which are shared by the bishops during the event to summarise the outcomes of their conversations.

“Lambeth Calls” will be short written statements, that include declarations, affirmations and common ‘calls’ to the church and the world that the bishops want to make.

Lambeth Calls will relate to the main themes of the conference programme and include:

  • Mission and Evangelism,
  • Reconciliation,
  • Safe Church,
  • The Environment and Sustainable Development,
  • Christian Unity,
  • Inter-faith Relations,
  • Anglican Identity,
  • Human Dignity
  • Discipleship

The intention is to make each of the ‘calls’ from the conference public and to ensure that there is a process by which the outcomes included in each ‘call’ can be received and implemented. Member churches will be invited to consider the calls in their own synods and other bodies. It is expected that several themes from the ‘calls’ will be on the agenda for the meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council in 2023.

In his message, the Archbishop of Canterbury says: “The Lambeth Conference; is a wonderful gathering because it brings people from all over the world. But the reality is that Lambeth Conferences are there to come together and to discern what God is saying to the church… to offer that discernment, that insight, that imagination to the whole church, to every single one of the provinces…. [Lambeth Calls] will call on the Anglican Communion, the whole Communion to pray, and to think and reflect, and for each province to decide on its response.”

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The Lambeth Conference has published a short booklet about the history of the Lambeth Conference and how the new ‘Lambeth Calls’ process will be an integral part of bishops’ discussions in 2022.

Download the booklet here.

Read more about the Lambeth Calls here.

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