What's involved?

As well as ensuring that everyone is welcomed and enjoys great hospitality during the Lambeth Conference season, the aim of The Big Hello is to celebrate companion links shared between dioceses across the Anglican Communion.

  • We want to celebrate and grow connections and relationships across the Anglican Communion, by sharing prayers and messages of goodwill.
  • Participation of bishops in local church services, pilgrimages and local mission work.
  • Bishops attending will discuss a wide range of topics in church and world affairs and the life of the Anglican Communion.
  • Between now and the conference, we hope that people participating in the conference will share 'big hello' messages of welcome and encouragement with one another.

Ways to get involved on Social Media:

Taking part in The Big Hello?

What excites you about meeting your companion link when the come to the conference?

Why not share a hello message, prayer and photo on social media between your dioceses in the lead up to the event?

Share your Big Hello story

From sightseeing, church and community events – host dioceses have all sorts of activities planned.

Why not share your story about what you are looking forward to about the Lambeth Conference hospitality programme?

Send your Big Hello goodwill message or prayer

Send a goodwill message or prayer to those taking part in the Lambeth Conference.

Write a short message on a Big Hello card and take a selfie. #TheBigHello #LambethConference

Hear from our hosts

The Big Hello hospitality programme is being hosted by Dioceses across England, Wales and Scotland, in collaboration with The Lambeth Conference Company.
Local diocesan coordinators are working to organise a range of activities during the hospitality period.

Some of the host coordinators preparing for The Big Hello:

Canon John Kafwanka

Director for Mission, Anglican Communion Office

This is an opportunity for us to engage in the mission context of the other so that people can learn more about how they are living the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their community.

Revd Jean Hurlston and Revd Bill Raines

Airport Chaplains

As Anglican airport chaplains this is a big deal. The Lambeth Conference doesn’t happen that often and when they do they are a point of real growth for the Anglican Communion, because people that don’t often have much contact with one another suddenly have the chance to form meaningful relationships. So much of what bishops do is about personal relationships. - Only good can come out of Lambeth Conferences.

Jonathan Kerry

Diocese of Leicester

I hope that people in the Leicester Diocese will experience the warmth of the way in which people live out their faith in different cultures and situations around the world….

Katie Drew

Melanesian Mission

Melanesia has a low carbon footprint but extreme weather,  cyclones and high rising tides. They want to share stories so we can appreciate what they are going through, pray with them and support change.

Phil George

CEO, Lambeth Conference Company

A chance to build relationships...
The Lambeth Conference is a once-a-decade international event that will see over 1000 bishops and spouses travelling to the UK. The hospitality initiative is a really important part of the Lambeth Conference.
Across the communion, it provides a chance to build relationships and create new ones, not just between bishops and spouses, but between churches, dioceses, communities and countries across the world.
Our prayer is that it creates a chance to say ‘a big hello’ to one another and learn from cultures and traditions in other settings.
The Lambeth Conference Company is working in partnership with dioceses across the UK to make this happen and we express our thanks for the exciting things they are planning to welcome our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Mike Fawcett

Diocese of Rochester

One of the joys of the Lambeth Conference is people from across the world sharing what we have in common....

It will be a truly joyful celebration…