Frequently Asked Questions

We are looking forward to creating a wonderful event for all registered attendees for 2022 and welcoming you to Canterbury. However, in the meantime, we know that there will be many questions from our event community about this announcement. 


What date has the conference been rearranged to?

The conference is being rescheduled to the summer of 2022.

Will there be any changes to ticket costs if the event happens next year?

It is hoped that the conference fee will be the same for the event in 2022 in line with the current registration fee.

Will my conference ticket get refunded?

With the conference being rescheduled to the summer of 2022, your registration fee will still be valid for the year ahead. In the unlikely event of the conference being cancelled at a future date, your ticket fee will be refunded at that point.

I am a bishop and was going to retire after the Lambeth Conference in 2020 - will my ticket still be valid for next year?

We will be operating a refund / transfer policy for bishops that have registered to attend but are due to retire before the summer of 2022. Retiring bishops will be invited to send their successor or to have their registration fees applied to that place instead.

I don't think I can attend in the summer of 2022 due to other commitments. What do I do?

We recognise that rescheduling the conference presents some implications on plans and commitments in 2022. As a significant event in the life of the Anglican Communion, we invite bishops and spouses to make every effort to attend the new conference in the summer of 2022. If commitments make this impossible, please contact the Lambeth Conference Team for advice.

I am on the Lambeth Conference bursary scheme. What will happen with my flight arrangements?

Where delegates are in receipt of a travel bursary and the Lambeth Conference are responsible for your flight booking, we will be taking steps to secure the most flexible refund option available. 

I have booked my flights independently - will I get a refund?

We are conscious that delegates will need to make decisions about flight bookings that were in place for summer 2020. We would encourage bishops to secure the most flexible refund option through their travel agent.

When should I make plans to get a visa?

Visa planning should continue, with the new date in mind. We will issue new visa invitation letters with the new dates in due course.

Will the conference take place in the same venue?

The Lambeth Conference in 2022 will proceed in the venues of the University of Kent and Canterbury Cathedral.

Can you be sure that the conference will definitely happen in 2022?

We are in unprecedented times and facing a global health crisis. The conference has been set for the summer of 2022, to allow enough time for global responses to the pandemic to have been undertaken. At the time of writing, the view is that by 2022, the pandemic will be under greater control and governments will have issued updated advice on travel plans.

Media questions

Can my media accreditation application carry through until next year?

Anyone that has applied for media accreditation will be considered for 2022. We will keep in touch with all media applicants about the plans for the conference next year.

The Big Hello Hospitality programme

I am a Big Hello coordinator. What do I do about any bookings that I have made for accommodation or travel during the hospitality period?

The conference organisers recognise that some hospitality coordinators and host churches may have made travel arrangements, accommodation bookings that will have incurred costs. In the first instance, we are encouraging hospitality coordinators to postpone the bookings, rolling them forwards for the following year. This may have a fee incurred. Please contact our hospitality team for guidance and information.

I am a visiting event attendee - will my host arrangements be the same in 2022?

We are working to carry over the arrangements for your host location in to 2022.

Will my hospitality placement still be in the same location?

As far as possible, the conference organisers will be working to ensure that the hospitality arrangements and locations arranged for 2020 are the same in 2022. If people are still planning to book their hospitality placement this can be arranged for 2022. Contact our hospitality team for guidance and information.

Volunteers and stewards

I am a volunteer / steward and still want to work for the conference next year. Does my volunteer application still stand?

It's been wonderful to recruit a brilliant team of volunteers and stewards for the Lambeth Conference. We are inviting everyone that's been accepted to the volunteer or steward programme to continue their involvement in 2022. Please contact the conference team if you think you may have an issue with your availability for 2022.

Conference contributors and programme participants

Do you still need me to be involved in the conference programme in 2022?

If you are contributing to the conference programme as a plenary speaker, seminar host or have been invited to lead a Eucharist or Evening Prayer service – we will be in touch about planning for 2022.

Resource Centre

I was registered to exhibit, does my application still stand?

If you have registered and been accepted as an exhibitor in the conference resource centre, we will look forward to welcoming you at the event in the new date in 2022. We will keep you up to date with more information as soon as we can.

General queries

How can I keep up to date with the latest news and information for the Lambeth Conference?

All new information and updates about the conference will be issued via the conference web site. In addition, emails will be sent to conference delegates that are registered to attend. The social media channels of the ACNS and ACO are also in use.