Theme and biblical focus

The conference theme will ask what it means to be ‘God’s Church for God’s World?’

Inspired by the book of 1 Peter – and considering some of the big issue facing the world today – the Lambeth Conference will discuss church and world affairs.

Through prayer, Bible study, fellowship and discussion, the conference community will explore what it means for the Anglican Communion to be responsive to the needs of our 21st Century world.

Click above to watch a video of the Archbishop of Canterbury sharing his excitement about the book of 1 Peter.

The journey through 1 Peter will explore a range of themes including belonging, alienation, exile, slavery and persecution, hospitality, mission and reconciliation.


Called into Hope and Holiness in Christ


A Holy People following Christ


Resistance and Resilience in Christ


Suffering in Christ


Authority in Christ

The St Augustine Seminar

Members of the St Augustine Seminar

The resources have been shaped by an international team of Bible Scholars from across the Anglican Communion, through the St Augustine Seminar. You can read more about the St Augustine Seminar and the 1 Peter resources they have produced here.

The book of 1 Peter is a personal favourite of mine. There is so much in it that is pertinent for the Church, for the world, for the times we are living in and for us as we seek direction for the Anglican Communion in the years ahead.

1 Peter is a book that doesn’t shy away from difficult things. It’s a book that addresses the challenges that Peter’s communities were facing. It speaks about belonging, alienation, exile, slavery and persecution –. – you can immediately hear the echoes in our world today.

It’s a book that raises an utterly compelling and inspiring vision of God’s kingdom. It raises our eyes beyond the immediacy of our struggles and differences. It urges us to hear a far deeper call. Through our faith in Jesus Christ, Peter encourages us to live lives of witness, hope and holiness as God’s chosen people.

Justin Welby

The Archbishop of Canterbury