The Design Group

The conference programme is being shaped by a design group that represents the global family of the Anglican Communion.

Chaired by The Archbishop of Cape Town, the Most Reverend Thabo Makgoba, the Design Group shapes the programme of the Lambeth Conference, in consultation with The Archbishop of Canterbury. Comprised of archbishops, bishops, theologians and other lay members, the Design Group represents a diversity of culture and experience from around the Anglican Communion. The Design Group has been meeting regularly since early 2017. In late 2017, the Group visited the University of Kent in Canterbury to see the facilities at the venue hosting the conference.

The Group is continuing to meet in person and electronically as the programme of Bible studies, seminars and other events begins to take shape.

Archbishop Thabo is excited by the theme, “God’s Church for God’ World”

“This is a beautiful theme that reminds us to look at something greater and bigger than ourselves,” he said, “and not to quibble around the little things within the family – not to gloss over them – but also to celebrate who we are within God’s Church in God’s World.”

“God is smiling,” he said, “because there is a group of dedicated Episcopalians and Anglicans from all over the Anglican Communion, put together by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Secretary General, who are committed to birthing an innovative, creative Lambeth Conference, where we could listen to each other under God and in our own contexts and commit, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to participate in what God is up to in the world.”

Members of the Design Group:

  • Chair: Archbishop Thabo Makgoba
  • The Revd Dr Robert Heaney (Virginia Theological Seminary, US)
  • The Revd Dr Emma Ineson (Bishop of Penrith, UK)
  • Bishop Melter Jiki Tais (Sabah, Malaysia)
  • Mrs Matilda Ntahoturi (Burundi)
  • Ms Cathrine Ngangira (Zimbabwe)
  • Bishop Pradeep Samantaroy (Amritsar, North India)
  • Bishop George Sumner (Dallas, US)
  • Bishop Joel Waweru Mwangi (Nairobi, Kenya)
  • Bishop Nigel Stock (UK)