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The Big Hello is simple.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate being part of the Anglican Communion. A time for growing friendships and connections and learning from one another’s church settings.

If you are taking part – either as a host diocese, or as a participant at the conference in 2020 – we want to share some ‘Big Hello’ stories and moments around the communion.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Say a Big hello on social media before the event! (click to read more)

Send in a story for the event blog (click to read more)

Get some great Big Hello resources to use when greeting people at airports. We have special welcome signs to use there or as part of your diocesan hosting events.

Please enter your details to be automatically emailed your publicity resources:

You can also obtain welcome badges from your Diocesan Coordinator for the event.

What are the key dates of the programme?

Arrival for the hospitality week: 15-17 July 2020
Travel to Canterbury: 22 July 2020


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