Preparing for the Lambeth Conference: A Lambeth Calls Study Document

A Lambeth Calls document has been published which formally replaces the Study Guide. You can see that here.

Before the Lambeth Calls document was released, the Lambeth Conference shared a Study Document for all bishops attending the Lambeth Conference this July.

The Study Guide was designed to support all bishops as they prepare for Lambeth Call discussions at the event. ‘Lambeth Calls’ is the name being given to describe declarations, affirmations and calls to the church shared by bishops that are taking part in the Lambeth Conference in 2022.

  • The Study Document contains guidance on how the Lambeth Calls process will run at the event. It also contains a series of questions and a draft copy of each of the Lambeth Calls.
  • The study questions invite all bishops registered for the Lambeth Conference to consider how each of the Lambeth Calls would be received and applied in their home contexts.

The draft Lambeth Calls have been worked on by a variety of different drafting groups, appointed by the Calls subgroup and the Archbishop of Canterbury. The groups are made up of bishops and others from around the Anglican Communion. They have met over the last few months.

There is now a Lambeth Calls document which is the final revised text of the Lambeth Calls, which will be put before the bishops at the Lambeth Conference.

Bishop Tim Thornton, an adviser to the Archbishop of Canterbury who has coordinated the Calls Subgroup said:

“The Study Documents provided bishops with an opportunity to start to read, think, reflect and pray on the different Lambeth Calls that have been drafted. In the Study Guide, each Lambeth Call was offered as a draft in advance, to maximise the time bishops would have to discuss them during the Lambeth Conference. The work of the Conference will give bishops attending the opportunity to contribute and add their voice to the Calls.”

The list of draft Lambeth Calls featured in the Study Guide are:

  • The Lambeth Call on Mission and Evangelism
  • The Lambeth Call on Safe Church
  • The Lambeth Call on Anglican Identity
  • The Lambeth Call on Reconciliation.
  • The Lambeth Call on Human Dignity.,
  • The Lambeth Call on The Environment and Sustainable Development.
  • The Lambeth Call on Christian Unity.
  • The Lambeth Call on Inter faith Relations.
  • The Lambeth Call on Discipleship.
  • The Lambeth Call on Science and Faith.

Read more here and download the Lambeth Calls Study Guide
Lambeth Calls Study Guide
Click here to download a booklet about the History and Purpose of the Lambeth Calls: