In order to make the discussions and outcomes of the conference as fruitful as possible, this Lambeth Conference will be supported by a pre and post-event phase.
The journey to the face-to-face conference starts during 2021 when there will be a number of pre-event virtual meetings for bishops to help them prepare for the event.
Meetings will provide space for prayer, Bible study and to start to explore some of the conference themes.

The aim will be to start to explore some of the conference themes and share ministry experiences from around the world. It will operate in three phases:

Phase 1: Listening together (2021-2022): Bishops’ conversations

A series of optional virtual meetings starting in July 2021. Reflecting on themes from 1 Peter, the groups will incorporate time for prayer and Bible study, sharing ministry experiences and stories and discussing what it means for the Anglican Communion to be responsive to the needs of a fast-changing world.

Phase 2: Walking together (August 2022)

The physical conference meets. Outcomes of the bishops ‘listening’ phase will inform the shape of the face-to-face programme. Through further dialogue, prayer and spiritual reflection, the conference community will seek to discern God’s voice for his church and agree some common commitments to share with the Anglican Communion.

Phase 3: Witnessing together (2022 and beyond)

As a corporate act of ‘listening, walking and witnessing together’ common commitments agreed will be ‘sent out’ after the conference, inviting and calling the Anglican Communion to enact them in their communities in the generation ahead.