Frequently Asked Questions

Are bursaries available?

Yes. Details of how to apply for a bursary is included in registration information sent to bishops and their spouses by the Lambeth Conference.

Why does the ticket cost £4,950?

The Lambeth Conference is a large scale event, that will welcome hundreds of guests from all around the world. From venue management, accommodation, catering and programme delivery, there are a number of logistics requirements to consider. The ticket cost has been calculated to cover all of the costs associated with the conference (excluding travel to and from the venue). The Lambeth Conference team are working hard to deliver an engaging and inspiring conference for all. A bursary scheme is in place for those most in need of funds to support the cost of their attendance and travel. If this is relevant to you – please complete a bursary application form when registering for the event.

Why is it a joint conference?

The joint conference is in recognition of the vital role spouses play across the Anglican Communion and a desire to support them in their ministry. The intention is for every spouse to develop their ministry through their participation in the conference. There is recognition that fellowship will be a key aspect for spouses.

Will there be interpreters for non-English speakers?

Yes. There will be a team offering interpretation into a range of languages in the services, main sessions and seminars. The Bible studies will be organised into language groups so that everyone is able to participate. Bishops and spouses are invited to state their language preferences as part of the booking process.

Can I bring other guests?

No. The invitation is specifically for bishops and their spouses only. It does not extend to members of the bishops’ staff or others.

Can I register after the deadline?

While we have been working towards an initial booking deadline, we will still accept bookings made after this date. We are aware that some flexibility in registering for the conference may be required. Bursary applications should be made as soon as possible.

Who should I contact if I'm having difficulty registering?

Registration for the Lambeth Conference is managed by Essential Event Management. Please direct any inquires about the booking site to

Will there be a marketplace?

There will be a marketplace to promote appropriate resources and merchandise to delegates. The marketplace will be overseen by Essential Event Management on behalf of the Lambeth Conference Company. Organisations or vendors who would like to be considered for a place should contact