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Resolutions from 1978

Resolution 35

Anglican-Orthodox Theological Dialogue

The Conference:

1. welcomes the achievement of the Anglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Commission as expressed in the Moscow Agreed Statement of 1976, and believes that this goes far to realise the hopes about Anglican-Orthodox dialogue expressed at Lambeth 1968;

2. requests the Anglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Commission to continue to explore the fundamental questions of doctrinal agreement and disagreement in our Churches; and to promote regional groups for theological dialogue which would bring to the Commission not only reactions to their work, but also theological issues arising out of local experience;

3. requests that all member Churches of the Anglican Communion should consider omitting the Filioque from the Nicene Creed, and that the Anglican-Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Commission through the Anglican Consultative Council should assist them in presenting the theological issues to their appropriate synodical bodies and should be responsible for any necessary consultation with other Churches of the Western tradition.


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