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Lambeth Conference Resolutions Archive

Archbishop LongleyThe first Lambeth Conference met in 1867, at the suggestion of C.T. Longley, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and was attended by 76 Bishops. Longley's proposal was that an informal gathering of bishops should meet at his invitation to discuss Anglican problems.

Of the seventy-six bishops attending the first Lambeth Conference the distribution was the following: England 18, Ireland 5, Scotland 6, Colonial and missionary bishops 28, United States 19.

This area of the web site contains a complete archive of all the resolutions passed at the 13 Lambeth Conferences from the earliest in 1867 to the last held in 1998. The next Lambeth Conference will be held in 2008.

Please use the navigation on the left to select which year of the resolutions archive you wish to view.

NOTE: The Lambeth Conference of 1878 did not adopt any formal Resolutions as such. The mind of the Conference was recorded by incorporating the Reports of its five Committees, received by the plenary Conference with almost complete unanimity, into an Encyclical Letter which was duly published. Recommendations embodied in the Committee Reports were evidently accorded equivalent status to formal Resolutions, and they are reproduced on this site as they appeared in the course of the Encyclical Letter, under appropriate reference.


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