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A range of Lambeth Conference materials are available to download from this page.


The Lambeth Reader

This Reader contains background reading for the Lambeth Conference. A number of the papers have been published in other places and at other times. The papers are collected together and re-published in this volume for the convenience of those who will be attending the Lambeth Conference. All the material is the product of particular Anglican Communion groups or networks, or has been written particularly for this Reader

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'I am' ...Journeying with the Gospel of John through Lambeth

'I am' ....Journeying with the Gospel of John through Lambeth Cover
'I am' ....Journeying with the Gospel of John through Lambeth


'I am' ....Journeying with the Gospel of John through Lambeth, the set of Bible Studies written by an international team of biblical scholars for the use of the bishops and spouses at the Lambeth Conference

Download a PDF of the booklet to print yourself

Signs on the Way - a Bible Study series

Signs on the Way Booklet Cover
Bible Studies: Signs on the Way


This special series - focusing on St John’s Gospel - complements the Bible studies in which the bishops and their spouses will take part during the Lambeth Conference 2008.

We hope that people throughout the Anglican Communion will use this series as a way of being present in spirit at the Lambeth Conference, supporting their bishops before, during and after this important gathering.

The studies are structured so that they can be used either by groups or by individuals. They can form the basis of personal devotions, a church study group or perhaps a diocesan meeting.

We have made the study guides as accessible as possible, using a series of questions in each case as the basis of the study.

Printed as an A4 or A5 booklet.

Download a PDF of the A4 booklet to print yourself

Download a PDF of the A5 booklet to print yourself

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