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Lambeth Conference 2008 Blog


19 weeks to go!

I'm very excited (and busy!) today because it is my last day in the office for three weeks.

On Sunday evening, I will fly to Zambia with Stephen Lyon (who is co-ordinating the pre-Lambeth hospitality initiative). After five days there,  we go to Malawi. In both countries, I will be meeting bishops and their spouses, sharing information with them about and hearing their priorities for the summer conferences. No doubt I will also be twisting some arms and asking for contributions to the Spouses' Conference programme!


34 weeks to go!

The Design Group meeting this month was intense but productive - sadly I was unable to be there (!) but have heard rumours of work going on until 10pm each evening. As you might expect, a lot of progress was made.


38 weeks to go!

Aplogies for not having posted for a while - other things seem to have taken over in recent weeks.

With almost 500 bishops now registered for the conference, there  is an increasing amount of communication and administration to be done. And when (fingers crossed) Spouses' Conference registration goes live in the next week or so, the number of delegates to look after will start creeping up even more quickly. Then, before long it'll be 2008 - aaargh!


44 weeks to go!

It has been a week for translation.

As we approach the second stage of registration for the Lambeth Conference and stage one of registration for the Spouses' Conference, we're trying to get as much as we can translated into the various conference languages.


46 weeks to go!

Despite tube strikes in London and post-holiday blues, you'll see the Lambeth Conference Office ploughs ahead!

Marketplace arrangements have been finalised and bookings are now being taken. We're also in the process of making final allocations of bishops and spouses to dioceses in the UK for the Hospitality Initiative. This is more complicated than it might sound (!) but we're getting there.


56 weeks to go!

The third and final meeting of the Spouses' Implementation Group was on Thursday. It went very well: we now have a good outline plan for the Spouses' Conference, to share with and have analysed by the international Spouses' Planning Group. It seems that there is an awful lot of excitement and enthuisiasm, not to mention willingness to help, amongst bishops' spouses in the Anglican Communion.


60 weeks to go!

Our office life is livelier now that the Lambeth Conference invitations are being sent out - and the big event suddenly seems much closer. Just 60 weeks to go, after all!

The Spouses' Implementation Group had its second meeting at Lambeth Palace on Saturday. If the suggestions coming out of those meetings are anything to go by, the Spouses' Conference will be very exciting. Everything from financial management training, to an Ignation Spirituality course, to a day at the seaside is on the menu. 


63 weeks to go!

The brand new Spouses' Implementation Group had its first meeting on Saturday.

Mainly made up of English bishops' wives and others with experience running big events and an understanding of the global church, this group was  appointed by Jane Williams recently. It will serve the international Spouses Planning Group, which is the decision-making body for the Spouses Conference. (So many groups - even I'm confused!)



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