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Lambeth Conference 2008 Blog


20 weeks to go!

The Conference is getting very close now!

We have a new member of the team - Emily - who has come on board to help us manage the office here in London and the registration process for bishops and spouses. What joy to have a fourth pair of hands!

It is difficult to summarise office life at the moment. There are so many different balls in the air, all of which are important. David is being kept very busy with translation, stewarding andd Canterbury liaison. Sue has been in new York this week moving forwards with some of the Spouses' Conference content and is working hard on fundraising and bursary allocation.

The Hospitality Initiative, the Spouses' Conference and the handover of registration to Emily have been keeping me busy. There are now more than 1,000 delegates on the books to come to Canterbury. A daunting but exciting number of people to look after! Do keep us all in your prayers.


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