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Lambeth Conference 2008 Blog


55 weeks to go!

There has been an incredible amount of rain this week, even for England. Flooding has been a problem in many areas, with many homes and workplaces damaged.

The company creating our online conference registration package - Quba - is based in Sheffield, one of the worst hit cities. Its staff have endured various powercuts and were evacuated from their offices at one point. A bit of an adventure but they've managed to keep working on our project. More rain to come this weekend, apparently....

We spent a good day in Canterbury on Wednesday with our events managers, Affinity Events: practical details for the Lambeth and Spouses conferences continue to progress.

Next week there's a Lambeth Conference Management Group meeting: that's the finance, legal and company business people. I'm quite glad I don't have to attend - and even more glad that I'll actually be on holiday. No posts for a week or so........



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