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Lambeth Conference 2008 Blog


57 weeks to go!

I seem to have spent most of the week doing data-entry. What joy!

Online registration is now almost ready to 'go live' but before it does we need to:

  • send out another postal mailing to all bishops invited to the Lambeth Conference
  • get all the wording for the online registration forms ready
  • finish our new website
  • update contact records for more than 800 bishops from around the world

The updating of records takes a ridiculous amount of time: three of us have been hard at it here in the office for days and some staff at Lambeth Palace have also been involved. And, because the information is constantly changing, the task is never complete. Close to 100 % accurate is all you can really hope for.

Other news: David is going to speak at the USPG conference this week, telling interested delegates about how plans are developing for the Lambeth and Spouses' Conference. We also have the third meeting of the Spouses' Implementation Group at Lambeth Palace. Sue is in Canterbury for the first half of the week.


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